Rev. Ayanna Solomon is Founder and President of Jesus in the City / Festival of Praise
International, sponsor of the Annual Jesus in the City Parade. She was born in Toronto,
Canada and has ministered in a number of nations throughout the Caribbean and
South America.
Immediately after graduating from Bible College she established a Bible Institute in the
West Indies, where she worked as a missionary for three years. She has served as
Worship Pastor in churches in Toronto, St. Kitts and Atlanta. Her vision is to network with
churches and organizations to further God’s kingdom by communicating the Word of
God through music, the arts and culture and to also train and mobilize individuals to
reach their full potential, purpose and destiny.
As part of her ongoing ministry, Ayanna conducts Praise & Worship seminars and
teaches on Leadership, Motivational Gifts and Ministry Gifts, among other subjects.
Rev. Ayanna Solomon has been ordained under Open Bible Faith Fellowship since 1998.
Jesus in the City / Festival of Praise International was established in 1999 as a non-profit
community network, cooperating with churches and organizations to spread the Word
of God through music, dance, theatre and the visual arts and to develop programs to
meet spiritual and social needs.
On September 11, 1999 the first parade was launched in Toronto, celebrating 2000
years of Jesus Christ and recognizing the new millennium. It featured all the books of the
Bible from Genesis to Revelation with live Gospel music, floats, costumes, banners and
flags. Public and media response was favorable, and Mayor Mel Lastman issued a
Since then Festival of Praise has sponsored a number of public events including worship
conferences, a Revivalists & Reformers Symposium and an Ethno Music Gospel Fest
bringing together the sacred music of the nations. Future projects include music
scholarships for disenfranchised youth and a Creative Arts Institute equipping artists in
Worship, Music, Theater, Design and the Visual Arts.
The Jesus in the City Parade is a live musical street pageant of worshippers and
paraders costumed as biblical characters opening the Bible through the arts and
worship. Thousands enthusiastically celebrate and worship on the streets once a year at
the Jesus in the City Parade, sponsored by Festival of Praise International. Floats staging
live bands and choirs move along downtown streets. Banners of the books of the Bible
from Genesis to Revelation are raised as participants wearing colorful parade T-shirts
sing and dance spreading the message of the Gospel through music, the arts and